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With a subscription to HerbBox, you will receive a monthly box filled with 30 or more days of CBD Oil Products.

We hand curate our boxes using only the best products from the best manufacturers so that you can discover CBD Oil products that work for you.

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Taking CBD Oil daily has been shown to help manage stress, improve mood, and promote overall balance within your body.

With a subscription to HerbBox you will receive a monthly box filled with CBD products such as CBD Tinctures, CBD Lotions, CBD Edibles and CBD Vaping items from the most trusted companies in the business.

Discover and buy the products you love the most with our fully stocked CBD Oil shop!

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Looking to add CBD Oil into your daily life but not sure where to start?

Finding and purchasing quality CBD Oil products can be frustrating. With a subscription to HerbBox you will receive a hand curated box of the best CBD Oil products from the best CBD companies around.

Discover new CBD products in your
monthly HerbBox

Every month you will receive a hand curated collection of CBD Oil.

Our HerbBox Collections include several forms of CBD Oil such as CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD edibles and CBD pain relief products.

Buy the CBD Oil products that
work for you

Visit our store to find all the CBD Oil products that you have discovered in your monthly HerbBox for an exclusive savings.

We have also partnered with several CBD Oil companies to give you the best deals available!

What you will receive:

Each month you will receive a new HerbBox, selected from our Signature CBD Collections or hand curated for you.

We offer several Signature CBD Collections, each with their own categories of CBD Oil Products. Each HerbBox contains up to a 30 day supply of CBD Oil from the best CBD companies around.

Our Signature CBD Collections:

Our Premier HerbBox, the Acacia provides you with a monthly supply of CBD Oil that we have hand curated from the best manufacturers in the business. This is the best HerbBox for the experienced CBD consumer or those that wish to supplement daily with the healing powers of CBD.

With the Sage HerbBox you will receive a collection of CBD products to add to your grooming regimen. We strive to choose the best products that you will want to use on a daily basis to keep your skin looking healthy. Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it with the health promoting benefits of CBD.

The Ultimate CBD Vape Collection. It has been shown that using a vape pen is the fastest way to reap the benefits of CBD. The Sandalwood comes with two disposable pens for when you're on the go, a reusable vape cartridge, vape liquid blend, and a high quality rechargeable battery.

The Marigold Signature HerbBox is our introductory box and perfect for those first getting into CBD or looking to discover new products without the high cost. Included in the Marigold are different forms of CBD for you to sample and discover which products work best for you.


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