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"I absolutely love this box and can't wait for next month! I have enjoyed every product so far! I love the drops and night time capsules the most so far but everything has been fantastic! and don't get me started on the bath bomb....WOW it's amazing. The value for what you get is great too.I can't recommend them enough!"

HerbBox has been a god send for me. It was frustrating to find quality CBD in the local smoke shops and HerbBox has helped me take the guess work out of buying CBD.

Great Products! Keep up the good work guys!! I've ordered from HerbBox multiple times and have never had any issues.

CBD has greatly helped me overcome the anxiety that I have been dealing with for the last decade or so. I'm so glad that I found HerbBox, they deliver CBD directly to me and I know that I can trust the products that they select


CBD helps calm your mind and regulate mood patterns to control stress and anxiety, which in turn promotes better sleep cycles.

HerbBox Tip: Start by taking 10-15mg of CBD infused with melatonin 90 minutes before bed.

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CBD Oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help you manage sore muscles, sports injuries, and chronic issues such as arthritis.

HerbBox Tip: Try rubbing a CBD oil infused cream onto troubled areas 2-4 times daily or as needed.

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Taking CBD daily has been shown to increase your body's regulation of serotonin, the all powerful chemical that is tied to happy feelings!

HerbBox Tip: Try taking a tincture, capsule or other daily dose CBD oil product 1-3 times daily.

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